making LASTING POWERS OF ATTORNEY In bedfordshire

Our lasting power of attorney service in bedford and the surrounding area

Our Lasting Power of Attorney Service BEDFORDSHIRE

Lasting Powers of Attorney are some of the most important documents you will ever have produced. Goodwills Legal Services is run by Solicitors and we offer a competitively priced Lasting Power of Attorney service in the Bedfordshire area. 

What are Lasting Powers of Attorney (‘LPAs’)?

LPAs are important documents that allow you to choose who you would like to act on your behalf (your ‘Attorneys’) should you lose mental capacity, such as due to a stroke or dementia. There are two types, as follows.

Lasting Powers of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs

These LPAs allow you to choose Attorneys to deal with your financial affairs, property and of course the family home. For more information on Property and Financial Affairs Lasting Powers of Attorney, see here.

Lasting Powers of Attorney for Health and Welfare

LPAs for Health and Welfare allow you to choose Attorneys to deal with life sustaining treatment decisions, if for instance you were in a coma. Your Health and Welfare Attorneys are also able to make decisions regarding your care, medication choices and even who is able to visit you. For more information on Health and Welfare Lasting Powers of Attorney, see here.

Our Home Visit Lasting Power of Attorney Service in Bedford and the Surrounding Area

We offer a home visit service where we shall take your instructions in your own home and thereafter prepare your LPAs for you. We offer home visits in Bedford itself, as well as in surrounding villages/towns such as Kempston, Rushden, Clapham and Ravensden. If you are located within 15 miles of Bedford town centre, we are able to provide our home visit service at no extra charge to you.

We act as Certificate Provider, which means that a trained member of staff will ensure that your mental capacity to give Power of Attorney is carefully checked and recorded. For this reason, we always return for a second visit, which is included in our fees, in order to ensure that your Lasting Powers of Attorney are properly executed.

Lasting Powers of Attorney at our Head Office in Bedford

We are also able to see you at our Head Office in Bedford itself, where we can take instructions and arrange for the execution of your LPAs and other documents at a subsequent meeting. Our offices are located right in the town centre; our exact location can be found here.

How much does it cost to Make Lasting Powers of Attorney?

Whether you visit our Head Office in Bedford or use our Home Visit service, we charge same competitive fee of £150.00 for each Lasting Power of Attorney document. We also offer a discount when we prepare more both types of LPA for a single a client (so double the discount for couples making LPAs together).

Despite our competitive fees for preparing LPAs, we offer full advice to our clients and are also able to advise on Wills, Trusts, Advance Decisions and much more.

Do you arrange for registration of the Lasting Power of Attorney documents?

We are also able to arrange registration of the Lasting Powers of Attorney at the Office of the Public Guardian. The current Court Fee for registering LPAs is £82.00 per LPA. In some cases, this Court Fee may be halved or waived; this is also something that we are able to advise on.

We also offer Will Writing and Trust Services in Bedfordshire

As well as our Lasting Power of Attorney service, we are also able to prepare Wills and also do Trusts work, whether by way of a Home Visit or at our Head Office in Bedford itself. 

If you would like more like more information on Trusts then take a look here or to see our Will Writing services in Bedfordshire, see here.