How long does usually it take to Obtain a Grant of Probate?

Once the application for a Grant of Probate has been made, it usually takes in the region of 2 – 4 weeks for the sealed Grant of Probate to be returned by the Court. It is important that the application is made properly, as if there are errors or issues in the application, then this will inevitably lead to delays (and sometimes lengthy delays!). For this reason, we always recommend that Professionals are used. Goodwills Legal Services is a law firm specialising in Probate and we are able to assist with your application; we can be contacted on 01234 802 391 / 0345 222 00 22 or by email at

How long does it currently take to obtain a Grant of Probate after an application as been made (as at 24th May 2019)?

The Probate Registries are currently very far behind in terms of processing Grant of Probate applications. It is currently taking the Probate Registry three months or more to return Grants of Probate after application.

This is causing significant problems for those who wish to sell houses or who have important Trust work to be undertaken. It is also causing issues for those who need their inheritances urgently, perhaps to buy their own house or to settle their own debts.

In some cases, applications can be sped up and, if you wish to ensure your application is dealt with as quickly as possible, then contact us.

Why are the Probate Registries currently delayed?

The delays at the Probate Registry are caused by two different issues that have coincided to create a very long wait for those who are applying for Probate.

The first reason for the Probate delay, is that the Court Fees are due to rise significantly for some Estates, which means that the Probate Registries have received a very large amount of applications. This has naturally led to a significant backlog but this has been compounded by a second reason, as noted below.

The second reason for the Probate delay is that the Probate Registries have introduced a new electronic Grant of Probate. As is so often the case when the government introduces a new system, there is a significant teething process that is causing further standstills at the Probate Registries. 

When are the Probate Registries likely to resume their normal service and timescales?

Unfortunately, nobody knows when the Probate Registries will be back to their usual timescales of 2 – 4 weeks. We would therefore recommend that all applications are made as swiftly as possible, especially if there is a house sale involved. Probate is something that Goodwills specialises in and, if you would like further information, then just get in touch.

Do the Probate delays affect Intestacies too?

The current Grant of Probate delays do also affect intestacies, as Letters of Administration are also dealt with at the same Probate Registries that deal with Grants of Probate. We therefore also recommend that if you are dealing with a loved one who died intestate that you get in touch.

Does Goodwills Offer a Probate Services?

Goodwills offers a comprehensive and competitively priced Probate Service. If you would like any further information regarding Probate, then just get in touch with a friendly member of our team on 01234 802 391 or at